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Question & Answer

Where do we get our coffee from?

Here at The Bear, we use Break Roasters who are a roasting company based in Duluth, GA. We receive both our coffee and espresso beans from them. 

Can you make a reservation?

If you have a bigger group, we would appreciate it if you did call ahead. We also have two private meeting rooms which you can reserve either over a phone call or you can let us know in person!

Where do we get our baked goods from?

Some, we bake fresh in-house, while others we receive from a local baker! All delicious of course!

What are some non-coffee options?

We have a lot of other non-coffee options! We serve chai tea lattes, homemade mocha hot chocolate, Redbull infusions, and a variety of hot teas.

Check out our menu for more info! 

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